How Actions Speak Louder Than Words In Veganism

Body language is much more effective at portraying a message
than words do. Someone sighing or rolling their eyes can make a much
larger impact than someone writing out their feelings. This is so true in
today's society that emoji's, or emoticons as people from the 90's and
before known them as, can be used as a primary form of communication to
spread complex issues with just a few button pushes.

It's easy to talk about animal rights, and claim that you care about
animals, but a whole 'nother thing entirely to act upon those beliefs. For
example, many people say they love animals and would not hurt them, but
they purchase and eat animal products daily, wear leather, etc. Acting upon
your beliefs works better than just words.

When it comes to veganism, simply being vegan is great, but doing
more than just talking to people about veganism can be the next step up in
your activism. It's great to show people that you are not only vegan, but
committed to veganism for life.

One of the things you can do, is to wear clothes or accessories with
the vegan message on it. Doing this will promote conversation as people
ask you about what your shirt means, and over time you can possibly
change the minds of many people. Having them come to you, instead of
you going to them, changes the way they perceive the message, making
them more likely to listen and to make the change. If you're looking for vegan attire to spread your message, then click here.

Another thing you can do is hand out pamphlets and fliers, as well
as protest. By doing this, you are putting forth a plethora of information
that people may otherwise not know, and letting them know that you mean
business, and are not just doing some form of dietary fad. When many
people see you out there, trying to actually change the world, they will become more accepting of your message and passion.

Also, be aware of the message that you are spreading. If you are
coming off as aggressive, bitter, and hostile, people are not likely to listen
to your message. The best way to spread veganism is to connect with the
non-vegan, and show that you are not different, but similar to them. So
when spreading veganism, try to take a more positive outlook on it,
instead of a pessimistic one.

People are more likely to approach you if you look more accepting
to talk to them. If people think you are going to instantly yell at them or
judge them, they are not likely to make the change. We all know that
veganism comes with passion, but that passion does not have to damage
your message. Be the change you want to see in the world, because if you
want to change the world, you have to start with having a personal
environment to get the world to listen, and change.

What actions do you do for veganism?

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