Why Sarcasm Is A Necessary Evil In Veganism

Have you ever scoffed at the argument by a non-vegan? 

This may be a bit of a touchy subject for some, as some see overt
sarcasm as being more detrimental than beneficial for the vegan
movement. Many vegans think that sarcasm can damage the vegan
movement by making non-vegans out to be monsters and make them look
evil or unhealthy by default. However, sarcasm can be a great way to
promote veganism as well.

Many vegans are often the butt of jokes by people who are not
vegan. This can come in the form of jokes, memes, or even comics
portraying vegans as crazy and elitist. While true at times, this often isn't
the case.

As a result of the myriad of attacks from all ends of the spectrum,
one thing that vegans can use to create a sense of unity and togetherness is
to use memes and comics to better get to know each other and to enter the
playing field of social discourse.

What else can you really do on social media when you see all these
sarcastic blows at vegans “eating grass” and “not getting enough protein?” well, aside from ignoring them, you can engage in some sarcasm yourself. This helps people vegans feel a sense of togetherness when they see a comic strip portraying an argument that they have personally seen or heard from someone. It gives us all a collective sigh of relief when you hear that you are not the only one hearing these common arguments.

Sarcasm can also a way to connect with other vegans that have been through the same thing. Such as making jokes about how excited you get over an ingredients list or about eating a veggie burger in public and being afraid that people will think it is meat and inadvertently promote animal products.

These are thoughts that most of us have had at least once, but once they are down on paper and shared, you start laughing, because you have been in that situation before. You have had those thoughts before. A great way to share in the sarcasm would be doing things like wearing this shirt, which you can find by clicking here, that says “Yes I am a vegan girl, yes I speak fluent sarcasm” as who else among us doesn't like to have a good laugh even in the face of adversity?

While sarcasm can be used unjustly and can create a schism between vegans and non-vegans, it also brings a sense of shared passion between vegans. A place where one can let out their emotions without coming off as extremist or aggressive. Hell, maybe the more people see these jokes and sarcasm, the more it will get them to think. To plant a seed. There is always hope.

Do you use sarcasm?

If so, put some of your best jokes and sarcastic remarks in the comments below!

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